1. My #childish #art to represent how we as humans in this time and age are traped in boxes but there are little gateways for pure harts to brake through and show other people the way. #art #child #spiritual #Jesus #chakra #colours #red #yellow #purple #blue #green #wings #cross #life #world #mind #body #spirit

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    Typographic Art of Eugene Lvovsky

    Tumblr: eugenelvovsky.tumblr.com
    Behance: behance.net/eugenelvovsky
    Website: eugenelvovsky.com

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    NSFW video

    The “PlopEgg” Painting Performance #1 (Art Cologne 2014)from

    In fact, this Saturday, April 12, she realized an artistic performance entitled PlopEgg # 1, the birth of a painting consisting of “lay” eggs filled with paint with sex for a painting.The method comprises introducing eggs filled with dyes, it “lays” then over a white canvas.

    Here is how Milo Moiré justifies this approach

    It is a personal, intuitive experience in which I can develop a deep intensity, but also the sincerity of my art. I create and I use the original source of femininity, my vagina. I visualized the archetype of female artistic power: creation. I used the egg as a symbol of birth. Canvas expresses the concept of tabula rasa and the egg itself, once broken on the canvas, artistic potential. “

    Now she is trying to sell the painting and realized.

    After all, given the good looks of this “artist”, no one will complain, even if some question while others speak bluntly artistic decadence.

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    David Harber Design that allows us to celebrate the Unforeseeable Illusion and Passing of Time

    David Harber is the artist behind this magnificent collection of custom designed built sundials, garden sculptures and water features. These unique pieces of his based on contemporary three dimension design can be found in gardens and centers all over the world, for example: in Portals Nous in Mallorca. David tells us that his designs help to celebrate unpredictability, illusion and passing time. Since 1992 he has been immersed in designing these unique and fascinating pieces using a wide range of materials such as brass, copper, bronze stainless steel and stone.

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    Daniel Martin Diaz

    Sacred Machine is a museum and curiosity shop for the creations of world-renowned Tucson artist and musician Daniel Martin Diaz, and wife and co-founder of their band Blind Divine, Paula Catherine Valencia.


    Read More

    Soul of Science Art book

    Selected by Andrew

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